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December 7, 2022


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Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


This course develops and applies scaling laws and the methods of continuum and statistical mechanics to biomechanical phenomena over a range of length scales, from molecular to cellular to tissue or organ level.

Course Curriculum

    • Length, Time, & Molecular-scale Forces in Biology Unlimited
    • Single Molecule Mechanics Unlimited
    • Energy Landscapes and Transition States Unlimited
    • Mechanochemistry at the Molecular Scale Unlimited
    • Kramers’ and Bell’s Models of Reversible Binding Unlimited
    • Experimental Methods in Single Molecule Mechanics Unlimited
    • Composition of Extracellular Matrix Constituents of Tissues; Relevance to Elastic (Time-independent) Behavior of Tissues Unlimited
    • Elastic (Time-independent) Behavior of Tissues (cont.) Unlimited
    • Elastic (Time-independent) Behavior of Tissues (cont.) Unlimited
    • Finish Topics on Tissue Elasticity; Begin Viscoelasticity Unlimited
    • Time-dependent Viscoelasticity of Tissues Unlimited
    • Dynamic (Frequency-dependent) Viscoelasticity Unlimited
    • Poroelastic (Time-dependent) Behavior of Tissues Unlimited
    • Poroelastic (Frequency-dependent) Behavior of Tissues Unlimited
    • Dynamic Nanomechanical Behavior of Extracellular Matrix Macromolecules Unlimited
    • Time- and Frequency-dependent Behavior of Intracellular Networks Unlimited
    • Cell Mechanics: Structure of the Cell Unlimited
    • Visco / Poroelasticity, Large Amplitude Deformations Unlimited
    • Microstructural Models of the Cytoskeleton Unlimited
    • The Cell Membrane Unlimited
    • Cell Motility and Mechanotransduction Unlimited
    • The Physics of Cancer Unlimited

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