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a Tradition of Excellence

OpenCoursa is an online platform to deliver skills-based training, qualifications, apprenticeships, and Degrees. 

We are an online education and a social platform to accommodate the need of individuals and organizations across the globe. We have created courses which fill up the demand of every market around the world. Our training programs to enhance professional standards and develop personal growth and our courses are to the point to deliver the best results and skills to everyone.
We are launching new courses every single day for our professionals through a partnership with individuals, professionals, organizations, and institutions. 

We have more than 12000 training programs and more than 50 Qualifications, and aim to launch more than 100 Degrees programs for delivery to our learners and our institution in process of transformation of educational sector and all of our Trainings, Qualification, and Degrees are on practical assessment.

We stop at nothing

It is our prime object to deliver these training programs to across the world and especially developing countries and we have made it more than 40% of our courses free of cost to everyone.

We Love To Explore​

OpenCoursa closely working with partnership with local, provincial, and federal governments to make sure these skills are delivered.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Purpose of these training to learn the right skills and practices which are recognized around the world which are used to career development and starting up your own business or impress your boss.

We Keep It Simple

Our platform will issue a certificate of completion of your course and once you pass your test online and can be verified anywhere around the world.

We believe in hard work and dedication

We are working with partnerships with Universities, Professors, and Industrialists to ensure the quality of training and right skill set delivery is sustained and maintain throughout.  Our organization is accredited endorsed by different professional and government bodies. It is our vision to take the skills to you and make sure you are ready to take a new challenge in your life and be successful and we will help you by giving you the right skills.


OpenCoursa is a platform designed to deliver skills-based training programs across Globe. We are only professional platform providing need and skill base training to all students, individuals, businesses and government sectors. We are transforming the educational sector through innovative technology. We are in partnership with national and international educational settings to be best and accessible to everyone.


OpenCoursa working with communities for development of creative ideas, encouraging everyone to be successful through innovative learning process. IOPS academia learners to move with change with ever developing ideas, theories, practices and practical.

Equal Learning

Equal Opportunities in OpenCoursa. We believe that every learner should have the opportunity to achieve the highest possible standards and ensure that all learners, irrespective of their ethnicity, culture, religion, language, disability, attainment and ability, age, disability, gender or background, have equality of access to learning. Our platform is built to accommodate need of different learners with disabilities. We strongly believe in equality and equal learning Opportunities.

Better Education Develops the Nation

Your career starts from here and wait no longer and be part of OpenCoursa ‘’One of the biggest platforms in the world’’

Therefore, we have no hesitation to say that we are working closely foreign bodies and companies to ensure the safe practice is delivered to everyone and they encourage and promote professional and ethical practices.

If you are students then develop your skills at the comfort of your home and if you professional then learn and develop your career to learn and implement advice ideas and tech at your workplace, if you are an organization then improve the practice of operations through skills.

We aim to bring advance training, learning and testing online with the partnership of different department to ease off the burden and promote a green and sustainable environment by cutting down hundreds of thousands of communicators.

Our skills are based on demand around the world where you work opportunities are increased 90% due to skills addition in your resume. We aim to make you professional in easiest way possible and equip with rights tools and here is no long waits and no studies but the right to the point where you can start your new life.

We welcome everyone individuals to join us as an instructor or professional or author and all organization to learn or develop your course and delivery through our platform.

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A Great place to learn

Employment Opportunities in Asia, Middle East, Europe, UK, North America, Newzland & Australia.

To sustain the globe Infrastructure, demand millions of skilled labor and professionals with right ethics and professional practices. We aim to create Jobs in through policies making and implementation of policies through private & government partnership.  Our training programs sharp the skills of everyone who will go through our training process and add the value of professionalism and safe practice under strict health and safety laws of the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada Middles East Construction Investment is worth 2 trillion dollars. Middle East FM worth AED 20 bn. Saudi Arabia reveals $425 billion infrastructure plan. Saudi FM market to reach $49.82bn by 2030Next five years global infrastructure industry will worth 9trillion dollars which means millions of jobs and recruitment. 
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