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Accredited Instructor

What Is an Accredited Instructor?

An accredited Instructor is someone who has purchased the Instructor Certification Packet (ICP) and completed and passed the online certification test in the PICK A Partner, Couple LINKS, or Our Home Run program. After certification, Instructors are able to facilitate classes using the program’s video series or teach the program using the Instructor’s Manuals. Instructors are also able to receive discounts on participant workbooks. Please contact at partner@opencoursa.com for more details. If you are interested in hosting a live instructor training please email partner@opencoursa.com

Take the Instructor Training Course

The training course runs over two full days and covers the basics of educational psychology, instructional design, and how to apply both to teaching workshops for The Carpentries. To see what our curriculum covers, visit the instructor training course page.

Complete the Checkout Process

You must complete three short tasks after the course in order to complete certification. These checkout tasks are described in detail on this page and take a total of approximately 8-10 hours. Once you’ve read the detailed instructions, please use this page to keep track of your progress.

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