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Vitamins and Minerals

Climate change

Climate change is a key issue on today's social and political agenda. This course explores the basic science that underpins climate change and global warming.

Environmental management and organisations

It is believed that environmental management requires action at all levels and by organisations of all types and sizes

The science of nuclear energy

Discover the science behind nuclear energy and its role in energy provision in the past, present and future.

Watching the weather

This course, Watching the weather, describes how meteorological observations are made looking upwards from the surface of the Earth, looking downwards from satellites in space and from aircraft and balloons within the atmosphere

Rural entrepreneurship in Wales

What are the important issues to consider when starting up or running a small business in a rural environment?

Managing my money

Gain the skills to manage your personal finances: managing budgets, debts, investments, property purchase, pensions and insurance.

Hybrid working: organisational development

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many organisations to go into warp speed and pivot their workforce to remote working almost overnight in 2020.

Introducing technology and innovation management

This course will introduce you to technology and innovation management and is relevant to managers and students of technological innovation

Gweithio hybrid: cynllunio ar gyfer y dyfodol

Oherwydd pandemig COVID-19 yn 2020, bu rhaid i sefydliadau gynllunio ac addasu o fewn wythnos er mwyn symud eu gweithlu cyfan bron i weithio o bell, ac roedd yn rhaid i'r rheini a oedd yn gorfod aros 'ar y safle’ roi mesurau diogelwch ar waith yn gyflym.

Gweithio hybrid: llesiant a chynhwysiant

Gan ystyried bod ansawdd profiad eich myfyrwyr prifysgol yn dechrau gydag ansawdd y gwasanaeth a ddarperir gan staff y brifysgol, ydy'r gweithle yn eich SAU yn llwyddo?

Hybrid working: digital communication and collaboration

Communication and digital collaboration skills are now essential for new ways of working and thriving in a digital world.

Hybrid working: planning for the future

In 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic organisations had to plan and adapt within a week to move almost their entire workforce to remote working, and those who had to remain in ‘onsite’ environments had to quickly implement safety measures. 

Hybrid working: wellbeing and inclusion

If the quality of the university student experience starts with the quality of services provided by university staff, how are the workforce at your HEI doing?

Marketing communications in the digital age

The influence and impact of marketing can be seen all around.

Gweithio hybrid: sgiliau ar gyfer arwain

Sut mae'r byd hybrid yn gwneud i chi, fel arweinydd, deimlo?

Hybrid working: skills for leadership

How does the hybrid world make you feel as a leader?

Estimating the cost of equity

This course, Estimating the cost of equity,

First steps in innovation and entrepreneurship

This course provides you with a short introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship, clarifying some key themes and terminology and helping you to examine your own views about these important subjects.

Social marketing

Never before have social issues been more at the centre of public and private debate.

Hybrid working: starting in the workplace

Starting in a new workplace – whether it’s your first 'proper' job after finishing your education, or the next step in developing your career – can be exciting and scary.

Hybrid working: change management

Change is one of the constants in life, especially for organisations who need to adapt and evolve to ensure they meet the needs of their end users, stakeholders and staff to ensure they thrive and succeed.

Introduction to business agility

This short course is designed for anyone leading change in their organisation at any level.

Everyday English 1

Would you like to improve your current English skills or perhaps remember areas you may have forgotten?

Everyday English 2

Having good English skills are important for everyday life.
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