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November 20, 2019


3 months

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3 months

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3 months


The course is designed to enable you to develop an appreciation of the role of marketing and the management of marketing functions in the modern organisation. The course will focus on what being “market-oriented” means, in practice, to organisations operating in both the commercial and public sectors. The course helps you to understand the challenges of marketing management in manufacturing and service industries: analyzing marketing environments; evaluating strategic alternatives and designing and implementing marketing programmes involving decisions about products/services, pricing, distribution and promotion.

Course Objectives

  • To develop knowledge and understanding of key theories, concepts and models in marketing to guide the development and execution of marketing strategies.
  • To develop the skills to critically analyse marketing situations facing organisations.
  • To develop written and verbal presentational skills.

Course Content

  1. Marketing Concepts and approaches
  2.  Market Segmentation
  3.  Marketing Environment
  4.  Consumer
  5.  Marketing Information System and Marketing Research
  6.  Product
  7.  Decisions
  8.  Advertising
  9.  Sales
  10.  Case Analysis

Further Course Information

Course Curriculum

    • Marketing Concepts and approaches 3 months
    • Market Segmentation 3 months
    • Consumer 3 months
    • Marketing Information System and Marketing Research 3 months
    • Product 3 months
    • Advertising 3 months
    • Sales 3 months

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