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Features for Instructor

Front End Course Creation

Easy to use front end course creator which is easy for Instructors to create and manage courses.

Create and Sell Courses

Make Money by being Private Tutors, Instructors, Entrepreneur, Experienced Professionals.

Course Management

Front end course management features, add students, remove students, see student activity, scores, reports, statistics and more.

Notifications, Messages & Emails

Notifications, messaging and emails at 30+ action points to keep students and instructors updated.

Quizzes & Questions

Static Quizzes, Dynamic quizzes, Sections quiz with manual and automatic evaluations. 8 Type of questions, MCQ, MCC, TF, Sort, Drop,FillBlank,Select Drop, text and essay.

Course Directories

Multipurpose course directory which is suitable for all kind of courses. It also supports live search and filtering based on course categories, levels, locations, start date , price and much more.

Collaborate & Commissions

Invite instructors to publish and collaborate for courses. Earn commissions on course sales and distribute.

Web Conferencing

Provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat, and screen. Students are engaged through sharing of emoji icons, polling, and breakout rooms.

Badges & Certificates

Award course badges and certificates. Certificate code validator and share your achievements on social networks.

Create Assignments

Student homework and create assignments. Manual evaluation of assignments with remarks.

Grade Book

Allow instructors to get all the grades of all the students in their courses in a single place.


It aims to make you suitable for Schools, Universities, Corporates and much more.


Create events. Make it be upcoming events or events from the past, all in one calendar.


Finally, your Learners can listen to your content while working, commuting, exercising, and having their eyes and hands busy.

Activity Recording

User activity recording, see what your users did and when on your site, in your courses.

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