Instructor membership form

Instructors and Assessors Payment Methods

Instructors Earning Formula


All instructors will be getting paid in two different methods as freelance or self employed: 

  1. Per students for long courses from Foundation certificate to PhD degree programs 
  2. Instructors will be paid 70% of their earning for all short training programs created and uploaded by them.

All the details and payments will be discussed on training days.

Each Instructors will create short trainings programs recorded along side degree leve content and assessment criteria.

Average Instructors earns between $20,000 to $100k


Assessment Earning Formula


Assessors are professionals with various backgrounds and representen thousands of industries. OpenCoursa aims creativity and recognition of skills and experience of professionals. Therefore, we have created two routes to recognized skills and experience:

  1.  Short skills Assessor payment starts from $10-$50 and duration 3-5 hours recorded assessment per applicant.
  2. Recognized Prior Learning Assessment where credits along with certification and diploma awarded starts from $50-$100 per applicant.

Full assessment training will be provided and access to software and tools.


Membership Forms and Refund Policy

This form is generated to get the interested instructors on board and once all documents and interviews will be conducted after compliance and free training will be provided including how to create content, create video lectures, how to use the platform, professional assessment, and much more. And the total duration of training will be 3 days which will be conducted in Gujranwala, Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi in Pakistan and all foreign training will be advertised on local social media and other platforms. Membership fee is important to avoid filter out individuals with no interest once joining. All membership fee will be refunded once professionals completed their content development and uploaded on time to kick start their earnings.