International qualifications for postgraduate applicants

Postgraduate Taught Courses

OpenCoursa has been welcoming students from around the world for many years and we have a lot of experience of the different education systems across the world.

OpenCoursa presents academic entry requirements for postgraduate taught master’s courses using the UK marking system. For entry to a postgraduate taught master’s we normally require a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of “upper second class honours” (2:1). Please visit the postgraduate course webpage to find out what entry requirements are needed for your course.

Please see the table below to understand how Lancaster University academic entry requirements match the qualifications from your country. If your country is not listed please contact us.

The information in the table is to be used as a guide.

International Qualifications

CountryQualificationLength2:1 Equivalent
AFGHANISTAN  We would usually require a Master’s degree for entry to postgraduate study
AUSTRIABachelor’sAt least 3 years2.4
AZERBAIJANBakalavr DiplomuAt least 4 years80% or 7.0/10 or 4.0/5.0
BAHRAINBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years3.0/4.0*
BANGLADESHBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 yearsAt least 65% overall, with at least 55% in each year, or 3.5/4.0
BOTSWANAMaster’s degree Master’s degree with a minimum score of 70% or B
BRAZILBacharel or LicenciadoAt least 4 years75% or 7.5/10
BULGARIABachelor’s degree (awarded from 2003)At least 4 years5.0/6.0
BURKINA FASODiplôme d’études Approfondies, Diplôme d’études Supérieures SpécialiséesAt least 5 years15/20
CAMEROONDiplôme d’études Supérieures de Commerce, Diplôme d’IngénieurAt least 5 years

14/20 or 3.3/4.0

CANADABachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years

3.2/4.3 or 3.0/4.0 or 75%

CHILELicenciaturaAt least 4 years5.3/7.0*
CHINABachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years75% – 85%*
COLOMBIALicenciado / Titulo de / Profesional en / Maestro en / Diploma deAt least 4 years3.8/5.0
COSTA RICALicenciadoAt least 5 years

80% or 8.0/10.0

CYPRUSBachelor’s degree
or Ptychion
At least 4 years7.0/10
CZECH REPUBLICBachelor’s (Bakalar)At least 3 years2.0
DENMARKBachelor’s degreeAt least 3 years10
DOMINICAN REPUBLICTitulo de Licenciado or Titulo de (subject area)At least 4 years3.4/4.0
ECUADORTitulo de Licenciado or Titulo de (subject area)At least 4 years8.0/10 or 80%

Bachelor’s degree

At least 4 years

80%* or 3.2/4.0*




Kandidaatti (2006 onwards)

Professional Kandidaattii (to 1996)

Bachelor’s degree

At least 3 years4.0/5.0
FRANCELicenceAt least 3 years13/20
GEORGIABakalavris KharishkiAt least 4 years

4.0/5.0 or 85%

GERMANYBachelor degree, Magister, Diplom or Erstes StaatsexamenAt least 3 years, depends on qualification2.4/5.0
GHANABachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years

2:1 (Ghana) or 3.25/4.0 or 60%


Ptychion (from University Sector)

Diploma Panepistimiou

At least 3 years6.8/10* or 3.5/4.0*
HONG KONGBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years (for degrees started from 2012/13)2:1 (Hong Kong) or 3.0/4.3
INDIABachelor’s degreeAt least 3 yearsAt least 60% overall, with at least 55% in each year (year 2 onwards)*
INDONESIASarjana (S1) or Diploma IVAt least 4 years3.0/4.0* or B*
IRANBachelor’s degree, Licence or KarshenasiAt least 4 years15/20*
IRAQBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 yearsAt least 75% from a high ranking institution
ITALYDiploma di LaureaAt least 3 years100/110
JAMAICABachelor’s degreeAt least 3 years

2:1* or 65%*

JAPANBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years75% or B+ or 3.0/4.0
JORDANBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years

3.0/4.0 or 75%

KAZAKHSTANBakalavrAt least 4 years3.3/4.0 or 3.3/4.33 or 4.0/5.0
KENYABachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years2:1 (Kenya) or 60% or 3.0/4.0 or B
KUWAITBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years3.0/4.0
LEBANONBachelor’s degree / Licence / MaitriseAt least 3 years80% or 15/20, or 3.2/4.0 or B
MALAYSIABachelor’s degreeAt least 3 years3.2/4.0 or 2:1 (Malaysia)
MEXICOLicenciadoAt least 4 years8.0/10



Licence d’Etudes Fondamentales

Licence Professionelle

Diplome de Cycle Normal

At least 4 years


MYANMAR (BURMA)Master’s degreeAt least 4 years


NEW ZEALANDBachelor (Honours) DegreeAt least 4 years

2:1 or B+

NIGERIABachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years3.5/5.0 or 2:1 (Nigeria)
NORWAYBachelor’s degree B
OMANBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years3.0/4.0
PAKISTANBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years3.1/4.0*
PALESTINEBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years80% or B or 3.0/4.0 or very good

Titulo de Licenciado

Titulo de (Professional Title)

At least 4 years80% or 4.0/5.0
PERULicenciadoMinimum of 10 semesters13/20 ‘Muy Bueno’

Licencjat (studied from 2001)

Magister (awarded before 2000)

Magister Inzynier (awarded before 2000)

At least 3 yearsB or 4+
QATARBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years

3.0/4.0 or 3.4/5.0

ROMANIADiploma de LicentaAt least 3 years8.0/10
RUSSIABakalavr or Specialist DiplomaAt least 4 years4.0/5.0
RWANDABachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years70%
SAUDI ARABIABachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years3.0/4.0 or 3.5/5.0 or 75%
SIERRA LEONEMaster’s degree Master’s degree with a minimum score of 60%
SOUTH KOREABachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years

3.5/4.5 or B+ or 3.0/4.3 or B 3.4/4.0

SPAINTitulo Universitario Oficial de Licenciado or Graduado 7.0/10.0
SUDANBachelor’s Honours degreeAt least 5 years68%
SWEDENBachelor’s degree or YrkesexamenAt least 3 yearsPass (Godkänd or G)
SYRIABachelor’sAt least 4 years70%*
TAIWANBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years75%*
THAILANDBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years3.2/4.0
TURKEYLisans DiplomasiAt least 4 years3.0/4.0* or 80%*
UNITED ARAB EMIRATESBachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years3.1/4.0 or 80%
USABachelor’s degreeAt least 4 years3.2/4.0

Bang tot nghiep dai hoc

Bang Cu Nhan

At least 4 years7.0/10
ZAMBIAMaster’s Master’s degree with a minimum score of B+ or 3.5 or 70%

* Grades required may vary depending on the institution and the course that you are applying for.

For any information about admission and all other matters contact us