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OpenCoursa is an education marketplace for educators to create educational settings reviews, manage, advertise and sell their events courses either online or offline with integrated E-Learning Management System. There are a lot of features and tools to help educators like tutors, teachers, lecturers, trainers, coaches, tutoring and training centres, colleges, universities and others build their business and market them either locally or internationally. Furthermore, OpenCoursa also integrated multilingual and multi-currencies into the platform. We also cater all forms of education either academic or non- academic from primary school students, college and university students up to professionals. Educators are able to issue certification of completion to registrant, participants or students who successfully completed their event course. OpenCoursa categorized into multiple categories such as tutoring classes, extracurricular classes and event courses.

We are now hiring professional educationalists along with HSE along with creative thinking to implement in projects.

Job Descriptions:

  1. Carry out visits in educational settings across the cities
  2. Collecting data about visiting the educational setting
  3. Communication management
  4. Recording videos interviews and assessment
  5. Carrying full reviews or partially reviews of educational settings
  6. Interviewing skills with the management of educational settings, students, and parents.
  7. Carrying programs and training standards and its delivery method assessment reviews
  8. Full review of facilities and buildings reviews
  9. Full management reviews of educational settings
  10. Able to confront crowed and a group of staff or students
  11. Editing videos and interviews and uploaded on public platforms
  12. Collaborating with team and clients management
  13. Managing calendar and appointments
  14. Place best recommendations of staff or management of educational settings
  15. Promoting educational settings national and International standards based on your data collection about visited educational settings.
  16. Training other staff members across Punjab


  1. B.Ed or M.Ed
  2. B.Eg Civil or Architect or M.Eg Civil or Architect
  3. Health and Safety Qualification


  1. Able to travel across the cities for work and training
  2. Able to stay overnight for different projects
  3. Must have a laptop and mobile phone
  4. Able to use word and excel
  5. Able to create presentations

Salary Package:

  1. 40,000 – 80,000 Full time
  2. 20,000 – 50,000 Part-time
  3. 2000- 5000 Per Assignment


  1. Police Clarance Certificate or Affidavit with 1000 PRK
  2. ID Copy
  3. Updated CV

Note: For this application police clearance certificate or affidavit is required to apply for this position and if you fail to do so your application will be rejected or if you affidavit is found untruth then matter will be shared with Law and Enforcement. Due to the sensitive nature of jobs, we have to evaluate every applicant.

Upload your CV/resume or any other relevant file. Max. file size: 128 MB.

September 5, 2020
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