Philosophy CE.A.R.S Group

CEARS (Centre of Academic Research and Studies) is an educational organization founded in 2012 in the city of Patras. Its aim is to offer the people of the  region, a wide range of skills and abilities necessary to successfully integrate the demanding job market.

In a rapidly changing economic and business environment, investment in human capital and skills held by each of us, without exception, is the safest way to deal with the volatile environment  we all face each and every day, to separate and distinguish ourselves both in our working area and society as well.

CEARS having this principle as a guide, and staying true to its mission to focus on a new form of human centered learning process, creates  academic programs that focus on the student, determined to achieve the best possible result. With an ideal combination of distinguished and renowned teachers, we provide an indisputable comparative advantage to our students.

What we are working for in CEARS and are really proud of is that we form a single living organism that grows and evolves in a direct correlation to society. Therefore we cannot distance ourselves  from the social events and not  facilitate the daily lives of all those who trust us. Thus, with the implementation of programs with flexible schedules and the continues effort of offering competitive fees and affordable packages, we are confident that the services we offer can be attainable by all.

The effort to optimize our services does not stop, along with the goal to eliminate all the weaknesses that inevitably may exist in any organization. Through these processes we hope to meet the requirements of the most demanding students.