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Чи хотіли б ви покращити своє поточне знання англійської або, можливо, згадати теми, які ви, скоріш за все, забули?

Introduction to Ukrainian language and culture

Building on the experience developed since the launch of the Open Centre for Languages and Cultures, this free short course provides an introduction to Ukrainian Languages and Culture.

Get ready for beginners’ French

When you hear people speaking French, do you wish you could join the conversation? Or do you have a passion for French culture and want to immerse yourself in it? Perhaps you have an opportunity to work in a French-speaking country?

Gene testing

This course, Gene testing, looks at three different uses of genetic testing: pre-natal diagnosis, childhood testing, and adult testing

Developing career resilience

Do you sometimes wish you were more resilient when faced with changes at work?

Effective communication in the workplace

Many of the problems we encounter in the workplace are the result of poor communication.

Supporting female performance in sport and fitness

Do you support women’s performance in sport or fitness as a coach or parent?

Розуміння вашої галузі

Ви займаєтеся роботою, яка вам не подобається або яка вас не задовольняє? Бажаєте більш цікаву та більш відповідальну посаду у поточного роботодавця? Ви хочете змінити роботу і побудувати кар’єру у новій сфері ?

The business of football

Welcome to this OpenLearn course produced by The Open University working in partnership with the EFL Trust, the educational arm of the English Football League.

The football World Cup: where sport and politics collide

Occasionally, controversies arise that remind us of the link between sport and politics.

Practice supervision and assessment in nursing

Being able to supervise and assess in the workplace are core skills needed by those supporting learners

Розуміння проблем психічного здоров’я

За останнє століття відбулися радикальні зміни у реакції на людей, які мають проблеми з психічним здоров’ям

Applying social work law to asylum and immigration

This course will present an overview of the policy and law that relates to social work with people involved in the asylum and immigration system and will introduce you to the ways in which social work practitioners can support people with insecure immigration status, refugees and asylum seekers more effectively.

So, you want to be a nurse? A brief introduction to nursing

This course, So you want to be a nurse? A brief introduction to nursing, provides an overview of what nursing entails.

Мови в дії

Кожному з нас у нашому робочому житті все частіше потрібно співпрацювати з людьми, що належать до інших культур або з тими, чия рідна мова є для нас іноземною.

Applying social work law with children and families

This course will introduce you to the law as it applies to social work with children and families in the United Kingdom.

An introduction to social work law

This course will get you to consider your initial perceptions of the social work role before exploring what social workers do in their day-to-day practice with people.

Social work law and UK regulation

Social workers have significant powers, rights and responsibilities in their professional role.

Promoting the effective management of children’s pain

This short course focuses on promoting the effective management of children’s acute pain in hospital.

Critically exploring psychology

This course introduces you to critical thinking as a tool for psychology.

Facilitating group discussions

Gain insight into facilitating meetings and discussions in the workplace.

Social construction and social constructionism

Within the field of social sciences the terms 'social construction' and 'social constructionism' are frequently used, particularly in relation to social policy.

What do genes do?

This course, What do genes do?, explores how the information contained in DNA is used, explaining the flow of information from DNA to RNA to protein.

What is a metal?

This course, What is a metal? explores the main characteristic properties of metals and their varied use in our everyday lives. Each metal has its own personal signature and you will undertake an online experiment to identify individual metals.
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