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Grooft B2B Marketing Managers Training

Grooft B2B is a marketplace with one aim to represent and represent high quality goods and items to our customers.

Data Management

The MIT Libraries Data Management Group hosts a set of workshops during IAP and throughout the year to assist MIT faculty and researchers with data set control, maintenance, and sharing.

Collaborative Design and Creative Expression with Arduino Microcontrollers

This course is an introduction to data cleaning, analysis and visualization.

Musical Analysis

This class is an introduction to the analysis of tonal music.

Introduction to Geology

Geology is the core discipline of the earth sciences and encompasses many different phenomena, including plate tectonics and mountain building, volcanoes and earthquakes, and the long-term evolution of Earth’s atmosphere, surface and life.

Lean Enterprise en Español

Este curso contiene un subconjunto de material en español del curso 16.660J (en Inglés).

People and Organizations

15.668 People and Organizations examines the historical evolution and current human and organizational contexts in which scientists, engineers and other professionals work.

Practical Information Technology Management

The course purpose is to provide the substance and skill necessary to make sound business decisions relating to information systems and to work with senior line managers in the resolution of issues and problems in this area.

Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting

This course studies basic concepts of financial and managerial reporting.

Management Communication for Undergraduates

The goal of this course is to help students learn to communicate strategically within a professional setting.

Management in Engineering

This course gives an overview of engineering management and covers topics such as financial principles, management of innovation, technology strategy, and best management practices.


This 12 session course is designed for the beginning or novice archer and uses recurve indoor target bows and equipment

Weight Training

This 12 session course is designed for the beginning or novice weight lifter, or for those who have experience lifting but lack proper instruction

Chemistry of Sports

The seminar is designed to look at the science of triathlons and sports from a molecular/chemical biological point of view

Fundamentals of Materials Science

This course focuses on the fundamentals of structure, energetics, and bonding that underpin materials science.

Introduction to C++

This is a fast-paced introductory course to the C++ programming language.

Systems Neuroscience Lab

Systems Neuroscience Laboratory consists of a series of laboratories designed to give students experience with basic techniques for conducting systems neuroscience research.

The Anthropology of Biology

This course applies the tools of anthropology to examine biology in the age of genomics, biotechnological enterprise, biodiversity conservation, pharmaceutical bioprospecting, and synthetic biology.

Gender, Health, and Society

This course draws on different disciplines, conceptual frameworks, and methodological approaches to examine gender in relation to health, including public health practice, epidemiologic research, health policy, and clinical application.

Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

This course offers an introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, an interdisciplinary field that asks critical questions about the meanings of sex and gender in society

Gender Issues in Academics and Academia

Does it matter in education whether or not you’ve got a Y chromosome? You bet it does.

D-Lab: Medical Technologies for the Developing World

D-Lab Health provides a multidisciplinary approach to global health technology design via guest lectures and a major project based on fieldwork.

D-Lab: Supply Chains

This course introduces concepts of supply chain design and operations with a focus on supply chains for products destined to improve quality of life in developing countries.

The Challenge of World Poverty

This is a course for those who are interested in the challenge posed by massive and persistent world poverty, and are hopeful that economists might have something useful to say about this challenge.
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