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September 25, 2023


Unlimited Duration


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Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


Advanced Operations Research, IIT Madras
Prof. G. Srinivasan

Course Curriculum

    • Lec-1 Introduction and Linear Programming Unlimited
    • Lec-2 Revised Simplex Algorithm Unlimited
    • Lec-3 Simplex Method for Bounded Variables Unlimited
    • Lec-4 One Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem Unlimited
    • Lec-5 One Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem(Contd) Unlimited
    • Lec-6 Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition Algorithm Unlimited
    • Lec-7 Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition Algorithm Primal-Dual Algorithm Unlimited
    • Lec-8 Primal-Dual Algorithm Unlimited
    • Lec-9 Goal Programming-Formulations Unlimited
    • Lec-10 Goal Programming Solutions Complexity of Simplex Algorithm Unlimited
    • Lec-11 Complexity of Simplex Algorithm(Contd) Integer Programming Unlimited
    • Lec-12 Integer Programming-Formulations Unlimited
    • Lec-13 Solving Zero-One Problems Unlimited
    • Lec-14 Solving Zero-One Problems(Contd) Unlimited
    • Lec-15 Branch And Bond Algorithm For Integer Programming Unlimited
    • Lec-16 Cutting Plane Algorithm Unlimited
    • Lec-17 All Integer Primal Algorithm Unlimited
    • Lec-18 All Integer Dual Algorithm Unlimited
    • Lec-19 Network Models Unlimited
    • Lec-20 Shortest Path Problem Unlimited
    • Lec-21 Successive Shortest Path Problem Unlimited
    • Lec-22 Maximum Flow Problem Unlimited
    • Lec-23 Minimum Cost Flow Problem Unlimited
    • Lec-24 Traveling Salesman Problem(TSP) Unlimited
    • Lec-25 Branch and Bound Algorithms for TSP Unlimited
    • Lec-26 Heuristics for TSP Unlimited
    • Lec-27 Heuristics for TSP(Contd) Unlimited
    • Lec-28 Chinese Postman Problem Unlimited
    • Lec-29 Vehicle Routeing Problem Unlimited
    • Lec-30 Queueing Models Unlimited
    • Lec-31 Single Server Queueing Models Unlimited
    • Lec-32 Multiple Server Queueing Models Unlimited
    • Lec-33 Game Theory Unlimited
    • Lec-34 Critical Path Method Unlimited
    • Lec-35 Quadratic Programming Unlimited
    • Lec 36 – Integer Programming(continued) Unlimited
    • Lec 37 – All Integer Dual Algorithm Unlimited
    • Lec 38 – Mixed Integer Linear Programming Unlimited
    • Lec 39 – Benders Partitioning Algorithm Unlimited

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