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September 27, 2022


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This course provides a deep understanding of engineering systems at a level intended for research on complex engineering systems.

It provides a review and extension of what is known about system architecture and complexity from a theoretical point of view while examining the origins of and recent developments in the field. The class considers how and where the theory has been applied, and uses key analytical methods proposed. Students examine the level of observational (qualitative and quantitative) understanding necessary for successful use of the theoretical framework for a specific engineering system. Case studies apply the theory and principles to engineering systems.

Course Curriculum

  • Intro and Objectives Unlimited
  • Basic foundations for course Unlimited
  • Have students begin to uncover their own biases Unlimited
  • Introduction to Graphs, Networks, Hierarchies and DSM’s Unlimited
  • Discussion and identification of focus systems Unlimited
  • Network Observational Methods and Quantitative Metrics I Unlimited
  • Constraints I Unlimited
  • Canonical structures and their organizational implications Unlimited
  • Complexity and Flexibility Unlimited
  • Network Observational Methods Unlimited
  • Network Observational Methods Unlimited
  • Network Models Unlimited
  • Affiliation Networks, Navigation and Search on Networks Unlimited
  • Constraints II and Scaling and Allometry Unlimited
  • Enterprise Architectures Unlimited
  • Modeling Enterprise Architectures Unlimited
  • Technical and some sociological networks Unlimited
  • Second generation models of technological systems Unlimited
  • Systematics in other fields Unlimited
  • Standards and the practice of complex system Unlimited
  • Overall discussion of presentation and further elaboration of theory and architecture Unlimited

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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