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September 28, 2023


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Africa: The Story of a Continent is a documentary series hosted by Basil Davidson, describing the history of Africa. The series consists of eight episodes that present African history from prehistoric times to the mid-20th century.

. The series begins with a look at the cultures of early Africa, such as art and artifacts from pyramids, caves, and tombs from Egypt and Meroe in ancient Sudan. Then it takes a look at three different African groups - the Nok, the Dogon, and the Pokat - to point out the complexity of their lifestyles. It traces the roots of the medieval gold trade - which reached from Africa to India, China, and Italy. After then, the program tracks the prospering region of West Africa, burgeoning as a consequence of its wide-ranging trade achievements. Through the fifth and sixth episodes, the series deals with Europe's colonization of Africa. It describes the troubling link between European missions in Africa and the colonialism, and traces the terrible course of Europe's colonial "passification" of Africa in grim detail. Finally, through the last two episodes the series charts Africa's struggle for independence, and looks at Africa in the aftermath of colonial rule.

Course Curriculum

  • Episode 1 – Different But Equal Unlimited
  • Episode 2 – Mastering a Continent Unlimited
  • Episode 3 – Caravans of Gold Unlimited
  • Episode 4 – Kings and Cities Unlimited
  • Episode 5 – The Bible and the Gun Unlimited
  • Episode 6 – This Magnificent African Cake Unlimited
  • Episode 7 – The Rise of Nationalism Unlimited
  • Episode 8 – The Legacy Unlimited

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