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March 29, 2023


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This course, An appreciative approach to inquiry, is designed to support groups of practitioners or individuals to adopt an appreciative inquiry approach to reflecting, questioning, and developing their collective or individual practices.

It is particularly aimed at those working in education at any level and any context to engage in teacher inquiry, practitioner research or scholarship. Through structured activities introducing the 4D model of appreciative inquiry, you will use story techniques to identify existing strengths.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • explain the differences between problem-focused and appreciative- and generative-focused forms of inquiry
  • identify positive aspects of practice which have the potential for building from and be able to re-orientate a problem towards taking a more appreciative stance
  • explain the limitations of target/outcome action-planning and devise a game plan for inquiry which allows you to be improvisatory and responsive to the complexities of educational inquiry
  • tell your story of inquiry in ways that move others towards a shared vision of possible future practices.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction Unlimited
  • Learning outcomes Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • What do we mean by inquiry? Unlimited
    • The role of inquiry in educational contexts Unlimited
    • Challenges of educational inquiry Unlimited
    • A problem based approach to inquiry Unlimited
    • An appreciative approach to inquiry Unlimited
    • An appreciative stance and process Unlimited
    • An appreciative mindset Unlimited
    • An appreciative gaze Unlimited
    • Appreciative embodied practices Unlimited
    • Inquiry as generative Unlimited
    • The role of creative writing/thinking/doing Unlimited
    • Summary of Session 1 Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Telling stories Unlimited
    • Thinking with stories Unlimited
    • Narrative arcs Unlimited
    • Appreciating different perspectives Unlimited
    • Noticing small things Unlimited
    • Starting points for inquiry Unlimited
    • Immersing ourselves in our inquiry focus Unlimited
    • Summary of Session 2 Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • The role of imagining and dreaming in inquiry Unlimited
    • Challenges of imagining and dreaming Unlimited
    • Being a ‘dreamer’ Unlimited
    • Playing Unlimited
    • Wondering Unlimited
    • Hoping Unlimited
    • Courage and encouraging Unlimited
    • Doing imaginative inquiries Unlimited
    • Generating metaphors Unlimited
    • Generating images Unlimited
    • Taking our imaginings with us Unlimited
    • Summary of Session 3 Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Planning re-imagined Unlimited
    • Working with stories of the future Unlimited
    • Provocative propositions Unlimited
    • Finding the design elements Unlimited
    • Moving towards an imagined future Unlimited
    • Collaborative ethical action Unlimited
    • Summary of Session 4 Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Inquiry as praxis Unlimited
    • Is this the dream? Unlimited
    • Evaluation as dream-catching Unlimited
    • Re-immersion Unlimited
    • Re-setting Unlimited
    • Telling our stories to others Unlimited
    • What do you mean by inquiry? Unlimited
    • Summary of Session 5 Unlimited
    • Course conclusion Unlimited

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