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September 26, 2022


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This course explores elements of nuclear physics for engineering students.

It covers basic properties of the nucleus and nuclear radiations; quantum mechanical calculations of deuteron bound-state wave function and energy; n-p scattering cross section; transition probability per unit time and barrier transmission probability. It also covers binding energy and nuclear stability; interactions of charged particles, neutrons, and gamma rays with matter; radioactive decays; and energetics and general cross section behavior in nuclear reactions.

Course Curriculum

  • Basic Nuclear Concepts Unlimited
  • Supplement Unlimited
    • Schrödinger Wave Equation Unlimited
    • Bound States in One Dimensional Systems – Particle in a Square Well Unlimited
    • Bound States in Three Dimensions – Orbital Angular Momentum Unlimited
    • Barrier Penetration Unlimited
    • The Neutron-Proton System: Bound State of the Deuteron Unlimited
    • Overview of Cross Section Calculation Unlimited
    • Neutron-Proton Scattering Unlimited
    • Nuclear Shell Model Unlimited
    • Nuclear Binding Energy and Stability Unlimited
    • Binding Energy and Mass Parabolas Unlimited
    • Radioactive-Series Decay Unlimited
    • Charged Particle Interactions: Stopping Power, Collision and Ionization Unlimited
    • Charged Particle Interactions: Radiation Loss, Range Unlimited
    • Neutron Interactions: Q-equation and Elastic Scattering Unlimited
    • Neutron Interactions: Energy, Angular Distributions, Thermal Motions Unlimited
    • Gamma Interactions: Compton Scattering Unlimited
    • Gamma Interactions: Photoelectric Effect and Pair Production Unlimited
    • Detection of Nuclear Radiation: Pulse Height Spectra Unlimited
    • Nuclear Decays Unlimited
    • Nuclear Reactions: Energetics and Compound Nucleus Unlimited

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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