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September 26, 2023


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Art of the Western World is a documentary series presented by Michael Wood, exploring magnificent masterpieces of the Western world in their cultural and historical settings.

The series consists of eighteen episodes, each of which focuses on the artistic contributions of one period in the history of the West, from Ancient Greece to the late 1980s. From the classical ideals in Greek and Roman antiquity, through the Renaissance, to the postmodernism of the late 1980s, the series provides a panorama of 2000 years of architecture, painting and sculpture, and studies the art masterpieces as reflections of the Western culture that produced them.

Course Curriculum

  • Episode 01 – The Legacy of Greece Unlimited
  • Episode 02 – Imperial Stone – The Art of Rome Unlimited
  • Episode 03 – A White Garment of Churches Unlimited
  • Episode 04 – The Age of Gothic Unlimited
  • Episode 05 – The Early Renaissance in Italy Unlimited
  • Episode 06 – The Northern Renaissance Unlimited
  • Episode 07 – Heroic Ambitions Unlimited
  • Episode 08 – The Play of Light Unlimited
  • Episode 09 – The Birth of Baroque Unlimited
  • Episode 10 – Masters of Baroque Unlimited
  • Episode 11 – The Age of Reason Unlimited
  • Episode 12 – The Passionate Eye Unlimited
  • Episode 13 – Painting the Modern World Unlimited
  • Episode 14 – Distanced Creations Unlimited
  • Episode 15 – Between Genius and Abyss Unlimited
  • Episode 16 – Between Utopia and Crisis Unlimited
  • Episode 17 – The Aftermath Unlimited
  • Episode 18 – New, Newer, Newest Unlimited

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