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September 23, 2023


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Astrobiology and Space Exploration (Winter 2010, Stanford Univ.).

This is a collection of 16 video lectures given by Professor Lynn Rothschild and other scientists and astronauts, on astrobiology and space exploration. This course discusses evolution in the context of space and time, focusing on the emergence of life in a planetary context on Earth and possibly elsewhere as well as the evolution of intelligence and the search for it elsewhere. And also it deals with the biological, psychological, sociological, and philosophical issues of human space exploration.

Course Curriculum

  • Lecture 02 – From Astrochemistry to Astrobiology Unlimited
  • Lecture 03 – The Search for other Earths and Life in the Universe Unlimited
  • Lecture 04 – What is Life? Unlimited
  • Lecture 05 – Evolution Unlimited
  • Lecture 06 – Life in Extreme Environments Unlimited
  • Lecture 07 – How Predictable is Evolution? Unlimited
  • Lecture 08 – Catastrophic Impacts in Earth’s History Unlimited
  • Lecture 09 – The Search for Life on Mars Unlimited
  • Lecture 10 – Darwin’s Birthday Unlimited
  • Lecture 11 – Life Beyond Its Planet of Origin Unlimited
  • Lecture 12 – Biologically Reversible Exploration Unlimited
  • Lecture 14 – Advanced Life Support Systems Unlimited
  • Lecture 15 – A Human Place in Outer Space Unlimited
  • Lecture 16 – A Life with SETI Unlimited

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