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October 11, 2022


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This is the second of a two-semester subject sequence beginning with Atomic and Optical Physics I (8.421) that provides the foundations for contemporary research in selected areas of atomic and optical physics.

Topics covered include non-classical states of light–squeezed states; multi-photon processes, Raman scattering; coherence–level crossings, quantum beats, double resonance, superradiance; trapping and cooling-light forces, laser cooling, atom optics, spectroscopy of trapped atoms and ions; atomic interactions–classical collisions, quantum scattering theory, ultracold collisions; and experimental methods.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction To Atomic Physics Unlimited
  • QED Hamiltonian Unlimited
  • Quantum Description Of Light, Part 1 Unlimited
  • Quantum Description Of Light Part 2 Unlimited
  • Non-Classical Light, Squeezing, Part 1 Unlimited
  • Non-Classical Light, Squeezing, Part 2 Unlimited
  • Single Photons, Part 1 Unlimited
  • Single Photon, Part 2 Unlimited
  • Entangled States Unlimited
  • Metrology, Shot Noice and Heisenberg Limit Part 1 Unlimited
  • Metrology, Shot Noice and Heisenberg Limit Part 2 Unlimited
  • g(2) for atom and light Unlimited
  • Diagrams for Light-atom Interactions Unlimited
  • Van der Walls and casimir interactions Unlimited
  • Casimir Forces Unlimited
  • Resonant Interactions Unlimited
  • Derivation of Optical Bloch Equations Unlimited
  • Solution of Optical Bloch Equations Part 1 Unlimited
  • Solutions of Optical Bloch Equations, Part 2 Unlimited
  • Unraveling Open System Quantum Dynamics Unlimited
  • Light Forces, Part 1 Unlimited
  • Light Forces, Part 2 Unlimited
  • Dressed atom Part 1 Unlimited
  • Dressed atom Part 2 Unlimited
  • Techniques For Ultralow Tempratures Unlimited
  • Bose Gases Unlimited
  • Fermi Gases, BEC-BCS Crossover Unlimited
  • Ion trapping and Quantum Gates Unlimited

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