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Biological, psychological and social complexities in childhood development
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This course uses the case studies of Liam, Chloe and Lola to explore childhood development and some of the biological and psychological conditions that can affect children and young people.

You will focus on asthma, intellectual and development disorders, depression and anxiety, and eating disorders.

You will explore these biological, psychological and social aspects of child and adolescent health based on the biopsychosocial model of health and will see how these three aspects of health often overlap.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain biological changes and the pathophysiology of childhood asthma
  • Understand the experience of parents and children in childhood asthma
  • Explain how mental health affects children and young people
  • Understand the experience of using mental health services as a young person.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction 00:15:00
  • Learning outcomes 00:10:00
    • Childhood asthma 00:15:00
    • Assessment & diagnosis 00:10:00
    • Diagnosis and day-to-day management of uncontrolled asthma 00:15:00
    • Acute episodes of asthma 00:20:00
    • Management of acute episodes of asthma in hospital 00:20:00
    • Intellectual and developmental disorders 00:15:00
    • Using media to express emotion 00:10:00
    • Parents’ experiences of having a child with a learning disability 00:15:00
    • Hearing the voices of young people with learning disabilities 00:30:00
    • Child and adolescent mental health 00:15:00
    • Risk factors and long-term effects 00:15:00
    • Signs and symptoms of mental illness 00:15:00
    • Mental health and social media 00:30:00
    • The impact of social media on mental health and body image 00:20:00
    • Conclusion 00:15:00

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