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September 26, 2023


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Unlimited Duration


Brief Introduction to Psychology. Instructor: Prof. Braj Bhushan, Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Kanpur. This course will be helpful in understanding oneself, one's behaviour, and what lie beneath such behaviour.

It will help you understand how we understand, feel, and act. Through this brief introduction to psychology we will cruise through some of the major psychological concepts and principles, primarily focusing on the perceptual processes, learning, memory and emotions. (from nptel.ac.in)

Course Curriculum

    • Lecture 01 – Sensation: Five Basic Senses – Vision, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch Unlimited
    • Lecture 02 – Sensation: Limen, Weber’s Law, Just Noticeable Difference Unlimited
    • Lecture 03 – Theory of Signal Detection Unlimited
    • Lecture 04 – Form Perception: Gestalt Principles Unlimited
    • Lecture 05 – Form Perception: Monocular Cues, Binocular Cues Unlimited
    • Lecture 06 – Culture and Perception Unlimited
    • Lecture 07 – Learning Unlimited
    • Lecture 08 – Classical Conditioning Unlimited
    • Lecture 09 – Classical Conditioning (cont.) Unlimited
    • Lecture 10 – Operant Conditioning (Instrumental Conditioning) Unlimited
    • Lecture 11 – Classical vs Operant Conditioning, Observational Learning, Social Cognitive Theory Unlimited
    • Lecture 12 – Cognitive Learning, Learning Curve, Transfer of Learning Unlimited
    • Lecture 13 – Memory Processes, Information Processing Theory, Sensory Memory (Iconic) Unlimited
    • Lecture 14 – Sensory Memory (Echoic), Short-Term Memory, Working Memory Unlimited
    • Lecture 15 – Long-Term Memory (Explicit): Episodic Memory, Eyewitness Memory Unlimited
    • Lecture 16 – Long-Term Memory (Explicit): Autobiographical Memory, Semantic Memory Unlimited
    • Lecture 17 – Long-Term Memory (Implicit): Procedural Memory, Prospective Memory Unlimited
    • Lecture 18 – Forgetting, Better Memory Unlimited
    • Lecture 19 – Theories of Emotion Unlimited
    • Lecture 20 – Cognitive Theories: Schacter’s Theory Unlimited
    • Lecture 21 – Emotions in Infants, Emotion and Memory in Children Unlimited
    • Lecture 22 – Culture and Emotion, Facial Expression of Emotion Unlimited
    • Lecture 23 – Facial Expressions Unlimited
    • Lecture 24 – Activation of Emotion, Appraisal of Emotion Unlimited

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