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November 1, 2022


Unlimited Duration


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Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


The purpose of this class is to advance your understanding of how to use financial information to value and analyze firms

We will apply your economics/accounting/finance skills to problems from today’s business news to help us understand what is contained in financial reports, why firms report certain information, and how to be a sophisticated user of this information.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction: Accounting Scandals, Business Valuation and Market Efficiency Unlimited
  • The Basics of Company Valuation Unlimited
  • Cash Flow Analysis: Is Cash King? Unlimited
  • Using Accounting Earnings for Valuation – Why Earnings and Not Cash Flow? Unlimited
  • Comparative Analysis: What Analysts Do? Unlimited
  • Turbo Accounting I – A Review of How to Read a Financial Statement Unlimited
  • How Companies Cook the Books Unlimited
  • Detecting Earnings Management: Applied Analysis Unlimited
  • Risk Assessment: Do Financial Statements Capture Risk? Unlimited
  • Risk I: Cost of Capital: Is CAPM Dead? Unlimited
  • Risk and Accounting Trading Strategies: Do Investors Understand Accounting? Unlimited
  • Risk II: Accounting Numbers in Contracts: Ratio Analysis and Bankruptcy Detection Unlimited
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Impairment of Goodwill, Writedowns, Private Firm Valuation Unlimited
  • Employee Stock Options and Valuation: Should Options be Expensed? Understanding the current debate Unlimited
  • Off Balance Sheet Activities – Deconstructing the Enron Debacle and Beyond Unlimited
  • Pension Plans – The Next Accounting Disaster? Unlimited
  • International Financial Analysis Unlimited
  • Hot Topics in Accounting and Valuation: + Capstone Unlimited

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