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September 26, 2023


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Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


Business Communication English. Instructor: Prof. Aysha Iqbal Viswamohan, Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Madras. This course provides methods for developing English language and communication skills for today's workplace.

It caters to anyone who is interested in improving their language skills for participating in the global business economy. The course is accessible to those with an interest in improving their working knowledge of business English. It is divided into four modules : Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar. Course objectives are to help you read comprehension passages easily using reading techniques; to help you engage with other members of the business field confidently; to help you write business documents and generate content effectively; and to improve your vocabulary for day-to-day communication in global work spaces. (from nptel.ac.in)

Course Curriculum

    • Lecture 01 – Reading Comprehension 1 Unlimited
    • Lecture 02 – Reading Comprehension 2 Unlimited
    • Lecture 03 – Reading Comprehension 3 Unlimited
    • Lecture 04 – Reading Comprehension 4 Unlimited
    • Lecture 05 – Reading Comprehension 5 Unlimited
    • Lecture 06 – Vocabulary 1 Unlimited
    • Lecture 07 – Vocabulary 2 Unlimited
    • Lecture 08 – Vocabulary 3 Unlimited
    • Lecture 09 – Vocabulary 4 Unlimited
    • Lecture 10 – Vocabulary 5 Unlimited
    • Lecture 11 – Grammar: Subject Verb Agreement Unlimited
    • Lecture 12 – Grammar: Tenses Unlimited
    • Lecture 13 – Grammar: Clauses, Gerund and Infinitives, Coordinating Conjunctions Unlimited
    • Lecture 14 – Grammar: Prepositions, Reported Speech, Active Voice and Passive Voice Unlimited
    • Lecture 15 – Grammar: Punctuations and Types of Sentences Unlimited
    • Lecture 16 – Writing: Emails and Memos Unlimited
    • Lecture 17 – Writing: Official Letters and Presentation Scripts Unlimited
    • Lecture 18 – Writing: Different Business Writing Genres Unlimited
    • Lecture 19 – Writing: Business Writing and Vocabulary for Specific Situations Unlimited

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