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May 17, 2022


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The certificate in Economics is a five-course program that offers you the opportunity to better understand the partnership between business and economics, as well as the effect of economics on the business world. This learning track program is intended for undergraduate students who seek to heighten their knowledge of economics without committing to an academic degree program. This program is 1400 clock hours and offers 60 ECTS credits from CE.A.RS Education and OpenCoursa.

Course Curriculum

    • Introduction to Business 6 days, 12 hours
    • Principles of Economics 6 days, 10 hours
    • Intermediate Macroeconomics 6 days, 10 hours
    • Microeconomic Analysis 6 days, 10 hours
    • Principles of Managerial Economics 2 days, 6 hours
    • Applied Economics 6 days, 11 hours
    • Economics 6 days, 11 hours
    • Mathematics for Economics 6 days, 11 hours
    • Statistical Methods in Economics 6 days, 11 hours

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