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December 5, 2022


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This course applies the concepts of reaction rate, stoichiometry and equilibrium to the analysis of chemical and biological reacting systems,

derivation of rate expressions from reaction mechanisms and equilibrium or steady state assumptions, design of chemical and biochemical reactors via synthesis of chemical kinetics, transport phenomena, and mass and energy balances. Topics covered include: chemical/biochemical pathways; enzymatic, pathway, and cell growth kinetics; batch, plug flow and well-stirred reactors for chemical reactions and cultivations of microorganisms and mammalian cells; heterogeneous and enzymatic catalysis; heat and mass transport in reactors, including diffusion to and within catalyst particles and cells or immobilized enzymes

Course Curriculum

  • Preliminaries and remembrance of things past Unlimited
  • The reaction rate and reaction mechanisms Unlimited
  • Kinetics of cell growth and enzymes. Unlimited
  • Reaction mechanisms and rate laws Unlimited
  • Continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) Unlimited
  • Concentration that optimizes desired rate. Selectivity vs. Unlimited
  • Lecture 6 correction Unlimited
  • Batch reactor: Equations, Unlimited
  • The plug flow reactor. (WHG) Unlimited
  • Reactor size comparisons for PFR and CSTR Unlimited
  • Non-ideal reactor mixing patterns. Unlimited
  • Non isothermal reactors Unlimited
  • Data collection and analysis. Unlimited
  • Biological reactors – chemostats Unlimited
  • Kinetics of non-covalent bimolecular interactions. Unlimited
  • Gene expression and trafficking dynamics Unlimited
  • Catalysis. Inorganic and enzyme catalysts and their properties; Unlimited
  • Mass transfer resistances Unlimited
  • External mass-transfer resistance Unlimited
  • Oxygen transfer in fermentors Unlimited
  • Reaction and diffusion in porous catalysts. Unlimited
  • Reaction and diffusion in porous catalysts (cont.). Unlimited
  • Combined internal and external transport resistances. Unlimited
  • Biot numbers review Unlimited
  • Course review. (WHG) Unlimited

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