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September 21, 2022


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This is a class about applying autonomy to real-world systems.

The overarching theme uniting the many different topics in this course will center around programming a cognitive robotic. This class takes the approach of introducing new reasoning techniques and ideas incrementally. We start with the current paradigm of programming you’re likely familiar with, and evolve it over the semester—continually adding in new features and reasoning capabilities—ending with a robust, intelligent system. These techniques and topics will include algorithms for allowing a robot to: Monitor itself for potential problems (both observable and hidden), scheduling tasks in time, coming up with novel plans to achieve desired goals over time, dealing with the continuous world, collaborating with other (autonomous) agents, dealing with risk, and more.

Course Curriculum

    • Robustness Through Model-based Programming Unlimited
    • Programs That Monitor Hidden State Unlimited
    • Programs with Flexible Time and Choice Unlimited
    • Programs on State and Planning as Heuristic Forward Search Unlimited
    • Planning with Temporal Land Marks Unlimited
    • Planning with Casual Graphs Unlimited
    • Time-line Planning Using Casual Graphs Unlimited
    • Multi-agent Planning Unlimited
    • Programs that Execute with Humans Unlimited
    • Advanced Lecture 1: Incremental Path Planning Unlimited
    • Advanced Lecture 2: Semantic Localization Unlimited
    • Advanced Lecture 3: Image Classification via Deep Learning Unlimited
    • Advanced Lecture 4: Monte Carlo Tree Search Unlimited
    • Advanced Lecture 5: Reachability Unlimited
    • Advanced Lecture 6: Planning with Temporal Logic Unlimited
    • Advanced Lecture 7: Probabilistic and Infinite Horizon Planning Unlimited
    • Risk-bounded Programming on Continuous State I Unlimited

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