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September 25, 2023


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Scaling of CMOS devices into the nanometer regime leads to increased processing cost.

In this regard, the field of Computational Electronics is becoming more and more important because device simulation offers unique possibility to test hypothetical devices which have not been fabricated yet and it also gives unique insight into the device behavior by allowing the observation of phenomena that can not be measured on real devices. The objective of this class is to introduce the students to all semi-classical semiconductor device modeling techniques that are implemented in either commercial or publicly available software. As such, it should help students to understand when one can use drift-diffusion model and when it is necessary to use hydrodynamic, lattice heating, and even particle-based simulations. A short tutorial on using the Silvaco/PADRE simulation software is included and its purpose is to make users familiar with the syntax used in almost all commercial device simulation software.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Computational Electronics Unlimited
  • Simplified Band-Structure Model Unlimited
  • Empirical Pseudopotential Method Description Unlimited
  • Choice of the Distribution Function Unlimited
  • Scattering Mechanisms Unlimited
  • Numerical Analysis Unlimited
  • Drift-Diffusion Model, Part A: Introduction Unlimited
  • Drift-Diffusion Model, Part B: Solution Details Unlimited
  • Drift-Diffusion Model, Part C: Sharfetter-Gummel, Time-Dependent Simulations Unlimited
  • Drift-Diffusion Model, Mobility Modeling Unlimited
  • Introduction to DD Modeling with PADRE Unlimited
  • Introduction to Silvaco Simulation Software Unlimited
  • MOS Capacitors: Description and Semiclassical Simulation With PADRE Unlimited

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