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September 25, 2023


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NOC: Computer numerical control (CNC) of machine tools and processes, IIT Kharagpur
Prof. Asimava Roy Choudhury

These lectures would introduce the idea of Computer numerical control CNC of machine tools and processes to the students. It will cover classification of such machine tools, technology and devices employed in CNC machines, 2D and 3D programming and interpolation. With every part, there will be MCQ, tutorial, problem solving and discussions.

Course Curriculum

    • Module1: Introduction to computer control – role of computers in automation Unlimited
    • Module2: Introduction Cotd.– binary logic and logic gates Unlimited
    • Module3: Classification of Computer numerical control (CNC) – Point to point and continuous control Unlimited
    • Module4: Classification Cotd. : Closed loop and open loop control Unlimited
    • Module5: Tutorial involving simple calculations on different aspects of CNC controls Unlimited
    • Module 06 : Questions, MCQ Discussions on Motors, Encoders, Decoders and Programming Practice Unlimited
    • Lecture 07: Stepper motors, Permanent magnet DC motors Unlimited
    • Lecture 08: Binary circuits and decoders Unlimited
    • Lecture 09: Tachogenerator, printed circuit motors, Encoders Unlimited
    • Lecture 10: Programming Practice – I Unlimited
    • Lecture 11: Programming Practice – 11 Unlimited
    • Lecture 12 : Computer Aided Offline Programming Unlimited
    • Lecture 13 : Interpolators – Linear Unlimited
    • Lecture 14 : Interpolators – Curvilinear Unlimited
    • Lecture 15 : Questions on Programming and Interpolation Unlimited
    • Lecture 16 : 3-D Machining – Basic Concepts Unlimited
    • Lecture 17 : Curved Surface Geometry Unlimited
    • Lecture 18 : Cutter Path Generation for Curved Surfaces Unlimited
    • Lecture 19 : Cutter Path Generation (Concluding Part) and Current Status – CNC Machining and Related Processes Unlimited
    • Lecture 20 : Questions and Discussions on Curved Surface Machining Unlimited

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