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April 8, 2022


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While there are many different types of cranes, they all have the ability to make many jobs much easier by lifting the enormous weight. But they also share the potential for disaster when they are not operated safely. Crane-related accidents can often be deadly, due to the heavy loads that are lifted. Once a load or a crane itself falls, not much can be done to stop it, and there is little time for people to move safely out of the way.

Overview/Description The crane operator shall be familiar with and shall follow manufacturer operating procedures in order to safely operate the crane. In addition, the crane shall be operated in accordance with all local, state, and federal guidelines. Cranes shall also be operated within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines. Proper permitting and notifications, if applicable, are the responsibility of the crane contractor. Prior to operation, the crane must have all safety devices and operational aids installed and functioning properly as defined in the standard. The crane operator shall have available at all times, in the cab or the operator's station of the crane, the operators manual, maintenance manual, load charts, and current annual inspection. Course Content
  • Cranes
  • Types of inspections and checks
  • Frequent inspections
  • Periodic inspections
  • Maintain Records
  • Maintenance procedures
  • The hazard of overhead lines
  • Operating rules
  • Prohibited actions

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