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December 8, 2022


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Unlimited Duration


D-Lab Development addresses issues of technological improvements at the micro level for developing countries—in particular, how the quality of life of low-income households can be improved by adaptation of low cost and sustainable technologies.

Discussion of development issues as well as project implementation challenges are addressed through lectures, case studies, guest speakers and laboratory exercises. Students form project teams to partner with mostly local level organizations in developing countries, and formulate plans for an IAP site visit. (Previous field sites include Ghana, Brazil, Honduras and India.) Project team meetings focus on developing specific projects and include cultural, social, political, environmental and economic overviews of the countries and localities to be visited as well as an introduction to the local languages

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction Unlimited
  • D-Lab philosophy of developmen Unlimited
  • History of development: (1950-1970): The colonial legacy Unlimited
  • History of development: (1970-1990) Unlimited
  • History of development: (1990-present) Unlimited
  • Entrepreneurship, government, and development in Africa Unlimited
  • Agriculture Unlimited
  • Projects and partners: China, India, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zambia Unlimited
  • Projects and partners: Peru, Ecuador, Brazil Unlimited
  • Agricultural focus groups Unlimited
  • Energy: biomass, biogas and biodiesel Unlimited
  • Energy: sun Unlimited
  • Energy: Wind and water Unlimited
  • Modeling energy systems Unlimited
  • Water quality I Unlimited
  • Water issues in the developing world Unlimited
  • Harnessing the wind Unlimited
  • Institutions of development: WB and IMF Unlimited
  • Institutions of development Unlimited
  • Microfinance Unlimited
  • Micro-enterprise case study: Grameen Phone Unlimited
  • Discussion of Drowned Out Unlimited
  • ICT4D Unlimited
  • ICT4C Unlimited
  • Creative capacity building Unlimited
  • The AIDS/HIV crisis Unlimited
  • Health issues in the developing world Unlimited
  • Team presentations Unlimited
  • Valuing indigenous knowledge Unlimited
  • Market approaches to development Unlimited
  • What works: lessons from J-PAL Unlimited
  • Climate change sustainability Unlimited
  • Panel discussion with Unlimited

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