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April 8, 2022


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What should we eat before and after exercise? This free course, Eating to win: activity, diet, and weight control, examines the importance of nutrition in physical activity, sport, and weight management. The role that physical activity has alongside nutrition in controlling body weight will be discussed, as will considerations for pre-exercise and post-exercise nutrition and hydration.


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The image shows fruit and vegetables, a water bottle, a dumbbell, a kettlebell and a tape measure.

Welcome to this free course; Eating to win: activity, diet and weight control. This subject has become a hot topic for the general public because of its importance for good health. It is also a key consideration for athletes needing to optimize their training and performance. This course will explore the links between physical activity, diet and weight control through a range of interactive activities and resources.

You will compare physical activity and dieting as weight control methods and discuss the relative benefits of physical activity for weight management. You will also look at the importance of effective nutrition and hydration before, during and after exercise; because what you eat and drink can have a significant effect on sport and exercise performance.

Learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:
  • Recognize the importance of physical activity in weight management
  • Compare physical activity and dieting as weight control methods
  • Understand the importance of pre, during and post-exercise nutrition and hydration.

Course Curriculum

    • Physical activity and dieting 00:40:00
    • Physical activity and appetite 00:35:00
    • Fitness and fat metabolism 00:20:00
    • Diet, exercise and cholesterol 00:40:00
    • Eating for performance; before, during and after exercise 00:05:00
    • The role of the glycaemic index 00:50:00
    • Eating before exercise 00:20:00
    • Eating during exercise 00:20:00
    • Eating post-exercise 00:20:00
    • Hydration: water and sports drinks 00:05:00
    • Water intake 00:20:00
    • Hydration before, during and after exercise 00:40:00
    • Sports drinks 00:20:00
    • Conclusion 00:25:00

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