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Safety measurements are not limited to the residential places you have to keep these parameters sustain in your office area too. Various electric appliances are being used already in your place where printers, monitors, and other electronic applications are plugged into the non-efficient power cord.

This kind of practice can be dangerous. Multiple numbers of employees need to have the proper training to prevent their self and fellows. Numerous accidents are taken place due to faulty equipment or some of the material which is missing. In this course, We are going to let you know how to keep your workplace safe from severe kinds of electrical hazards suggested by the Electrical Safety Foundation International. Let’s have a look Power Cord should be of High quality: Power cord which is being considered to utilize must be of some renown brand, should be of high quality. Purchase your product from a reputable retailer Installation place: You need to install power strips in such a location where air passage should be at best to scatter heat because too much heat may cause short circuits in wiring that’s why this is suggested to keep away from the heating area.

Avoid overloading in outlets:

Usually, you may have seen in your workplace where high voltage appliances are plugged into one outlet, so it is suggested to avoid too much overloading

Inspect Electrical cords:

It better to keep an eye on electrical wires they shouldn’t be cracked or damaged so check electrical cords once in a month

Avoid binding and knotting cables:

You need to avoid binding and knotting the wires because it may produce electric shocks which would be a hazard for your workplace.

Unused appliances need to be unplugged:

Unused electrical items need to be unplugged until further use. Because it will increase electricity consumption

Avoid to maintain by yourself:

You don’t need to support this thing by yourself because it can be dangerous for you and it may produce electrical shocks. So you can have the assistance of Electricians Barrow in Furness or nearby areas who know all the safety measurements very well, and they will keep on guiding your employees for do’s and don’ts.

Licensed electricians:

You need to hire licensed electricians who should have proper information and qualification before playing with wires.

Don’t route power cords under the carpets:

This is not suggested to install power cords under the rugs. Because employees are rolling the chairs here and there for work purposes and when chairs roll over them it would be risky for your employees.

Disconnect electrical equipment:

If there is electrical equipment is malfunctioning, and you feel terrible smell then disconnect all the electrical equipment which is plugged into a socket on an urgent basis.

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