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December 12, 2022


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This course examines the choices and constraints regarding sources and uses of energy by households, firms, and governments through a number of frameworks to describe and explain behavior at various levels of aggregation

Examples include a wide range of countries, scope, settings, and analytical approaches.

This course is one of many OCW Energy Courses, and it is a core subject in MIT’s undergraduate Energy Studies Minor. This Institute-wide program complements the deep expertise obtained in any major with a broad understanding of the interlinked realms of science, technology, and social sciences as they relate to energy and associated environmental challenges.

Course Curriculum

    • This Course and The U.S. Energy System Unlimited
    • Comparative Energy Systems Unlimited
    • U.S. Energy Problems Unlimited
    • The Market and The State Unlimited
    • Path Dependence in Energy Systems Unlimited
    • Climate Science and Policy Unlimited
    • Climate Agreement Negotiations I & II Unlimited
    • Economics of Energy Demand Unlimited
    • Energy Use by Individuals and Households Unlimited
    • Normative Frameworks for Business Decisions Unlimited
    • Business Decisions in Reality: CHP at Hexion Unlimited
    • Organizational Decision-Making: Biodiesel at MIT Unlimited
    • Developing Profitable Strategies Unlimited
    • Innovation and Energy Business Models Unlimited
    • Non-Renewable Energy Resources Unlimited
    • Shale: Opportunities & Challenges Unlimited
    • (Yesterday’s &) Today’s Electric Power System Unlimited
    • Tomorrow’s Electric Power System Unlimited
    • Making Public Policy Unlimited
    • Social Movements Unlimited
    • U.S. Environment Policy Unlimited
    • Economic Development & Green Growth Unlimited

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