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September 26, 2023


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Rome: Engineering an Empire. One of the most powerful civilizations in history, the Roman Empire ruled the world for more than five centuries.

Although renowned for its military prowess, Rome's real power stemmed from its unprecedented mastery of urban planning and engineering. This film chronicles Rome's spectacular structural history from the rise of Julius Caesar in 55 BC to the Empire's eventual collapse in c. 537 AD. Each of Rome's legendary rulers left their mark on the city - some stately, some sordid - and their collective ambition caused a surge of innovation and ingenuity that led to Rome's glorious ascendance. It examines the planning and construction of the city's greatest masterpieces, including the awe-inspiring Colosseum and its mysterious subterranean aqueducts, and piece together Rome's magnificent past through its architectural triumphs.

Course Curriculum

  • Episode 01 – Rome Unlimited
  • Episode 02 – Egypt Unlimited
  • Episode 05 – The Aztecs Unlimited
  • Episode 06 – Carthage Unlimited
  • Episode 08 – Russia Unlimited
  • Episode 10 – The Persians Unlimited
  • Episode 11 – China Unlimited

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