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October 28, 2022


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The course presents an in-depth interdisciplinary perspective of electric power systems, with regulation providing the link among the engineering, economic, legal and environmental viewpoints.

Generation dispatch, demand response, optimal network flows, risk allocation, reliability of service, renewable energy sources, ancillary services, tariff design, distributed generation, rural electrification, environmental impacts and strategic sustainability issues will be among the topics addressed under both traditional and competitive regulatory frameworks.

Course Curriculum

  • How do electric power systems manage to provide electricity continuously with an adequate quality of service Unlimited
  • A historical approach to the electric power sector Unlimited
  • Global view of an EPS from an economic and managerial perspective Unlimited
  • The regulatory function Unlimited
  • How to regulate a network monopolistic activity Unlimited
  • Regulation of natural monopolies Unlimited
  • How to design, implement and monitor an efficient Unlimited
  • Principles of microeconomics. Unlimited
  • Wholesale electricity markets. Unlimited
  • Organized power exchanges Unlimited
  • Market power Unlimited
  • Characterization of the transmission activity Unlimited
  • Investment in transmission network assets Unlimited
  • Transmission access Unlimited
  • Tariff design. Basic principles Unlimited
  • Retail markets Unlimited
  • The origin of the problem. Unlimited
  • Case study Unlimited
  • Examination of the present energy model under a sustainability perspective. Unlimited
  • Review of international experiences of electricity reform and their impact on universal electricity access Unlimited
  • Regulatory instruments to mitigate climate change Unlimited

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