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April 8, 2022


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This course examines and teaches ways in which education can be subtly but effectively worked into both new and time-honoured genres of entertainment to foster positive behaviour change and life improvement in both developing countries and local environments. The course develops students' ability to understand the ingredients of successful entertainment (emotions, empathy, efficacy and empowerment) and how these ingredients can be employed to enhance social and personal health and life skills. Examines methodology and develops skills needed to create a successful Entertainment-Education (E-E) project in entertainment (story, drama, etc.) formats with effective behaviour change messages.

Course Objectives

Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Analyze a societal or individual behaviour problem that is to be improved through Entertainment-Education (E-E)
  • Define the differences in E-E program types for different audiences, such as children, adolescents, adults
  • Develop a detailed Design Document (guide for program writers and evaluators) showing the precise knowledge that will be taught in the E-E project
  • Construct the synopsis and character sketches for a TV or radio serial drama designed to encourage behaviour or social change and create complete episodes of the drama for the intended audience
  • Design and construct support materials, including Distance Education (Edu-tainment) materials for "on-the-ground" supporters of the intended audience of the E-E project


Communication for Behavior Change by Esta de Fossard. Sage Publications, 2005.
  • Book 1: Writing and Producing Radio Dramas
  • Book 2: Writing and Producing for Television & Film
  • Book 3: Using Edu-tainment for Distance Education in Community Work



Communication for Behavior Change by Esta de Fossard. Sage Publications, 2005.  
Session Readings
1 Book 1: Chapter 1 Book 2: Chapter 1 Book 3: Chapter 1
2 Book 1: Chapters 2, 3, 4 Book 2: Chapters 2, 3 Book 3: Chapter 2, 3, 4
3 No Reading
4 Book 1: Chapters 6, 11, 12 Book 2: Chapters 4 and 5
5 Book 1: Chapters 13, 14, 15
6 No Reading
7 Book 2: Chapter 7 Book 3: Chapter 11
8 No Reading
9 No Reading
10 Book 1: Chapter 17 Book 2: Chapter 13
11 Download a Meena comic.
12 Book 1: Chapter 10 Book 2: Chapter 12
13 Book 1: Chapters 15 and 16 Book 2: Chapter 5
14 No Reading
15 No Reading

Course Curriculum

    • A Whole New Mind: Daniel Pink 00:55:00
    • Entertainment & Education 00:55:00
    • Creating the Story 00:55:00
    • Entertainment-Education Equation 00:55:00
    • The Research Process 00:55:00
    • Entertainment Education for Behavior Change Assignments 00:00:00

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