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May 17, 2022


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Introduces the basic methods for infectious disease epidemiology and case studies of important disease syndromes and entities. Methods include definitions and nomenclature, outbreak investigations, disease surveillance, case-control studies, cohort studies, laboratory diagnosis, molecular epidemiology, dynamics of transmission, and assessment of vaccine field effectiveness. Case-studies focus on acute respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, hepatitis, HIV, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, malaria, and other vector-borne diseases.

Course Objectives

  • After taking the course in Infectious Diseases Epidemiology students will be able to describe and understand the main Epidemiological characteristics of the Major infectious diseases of Humans.
  • The students will be able to describe how these Epidemiological characteristics can be utilized to develop and evaluate strategies to prevent epidemics or endemic transmission of the major infections of humans.
  • The students will be able to develop criteria to be used in the investigation of a new Emerging or Re-emerging Infectious disease to understand the critical Epidemiologic features of this disease that could be used to develop prevention and control programs. Epidemiological characteristics such as Incubation period, Infectious period, means of transmission and reservoir of these infectious diseases will be evaluated


Knowledge of basic epidemiology

Course Curriculum

    • Introduction to Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Nelson) 03:00:00
    • Overview of Microbiology (Dick) 04:00:00
    • The Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Disease (Bishai) 01:30:00
    • Modeling of Infectious Disease (Aron) 01:10:00
    • Case-Control Studies (Nelson) 02:00:00
    • Vaccines – Impact, Questions, and Challenges (Halsey) 03:00:00
    • Measles (Moss) 03:40:00
    • Disease Eradication (Nelson) 03:40:00
    • Nutrition & Infection in the Developing World (West) 03:40:00
    • Epidemiology of Diarrheal Diseases (Black) 02:30:00
    • TB Epidemiology (Chaisson) 03:20:00
    • Influenza: Virus and Disease, Epidemics and Pandemics (Steinhoff) 05:50:00
    • CNS Viral Infections (Johnson) 05:50:00
    • Lyme Disease and Its Epidemiology (Griffin) 03:40:00
    • Meningococcal Disease: Global Problem, Local Solutions (Steinhoff) 05:50:00
    • Epidemiology and Control of Malaria (Morrow) 03:00:00
    • STD Epidemiology (Zenilman) 03:40:00
    • The Epidemiology of Hepatitis B and A Infections (Nelson) 03:40:00
    • Hepatitis C and E (Nelson) 03:20:00
    • Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases Assignments 7 days

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