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May 17, 2022


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This advanced level course, Exploring the relationship between anxiety and depression, serves as an introduction to masters level study in neurosciences and mental health. Focusing on anxiety and depression, you will consider key issues concerning diagnosis, causes and interventions, exploring how these conditions relate to each other. You will also explore some of the more contemporary and controversial findings within the field.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:
  • understand anxiety and depression from biopsychosocial perspectives
  • discuss contemporary issues in mental health science related to anxiety and depression
  • recognise different lines of evidence and appreciate the uncertainty, ambiguity and limits of current knowledge in the study of mental health science.

Course Curriculum

    • 1.0 Anxiety and depression 00:10:00
    • 2.0 The biopsychosocial model of mental health: revisited 00:20:00
    • 2.1 The monoaminergic hypothesis for mood disorders: re-examined 00:30:00
    • 3.0 Overlap of symptoms between anxiety and depression and comorbidity with other conditions 00:30:00
    • 3.1 Mixed anxiety and depressive disorder – a separate diagnostic category? 00:30:00
    • 3.2 Trajectory of illness from anxiety to depression and comorbidity with other conditions 00:30:00
    • 4.1 Inter-individual variability and factors that contribute ‘resilience’ to anxiety and depression 00:05:00
    • 5.1 Psychedelics for the treatment of anxiety and depression? 00:40:00
    • 6.0 ‘Electrotherapy’ for anxiety and depression? 00:40:00
    • 6.1 Evidence for the use of electrotherapy for anxiety and depression 00:10:00
    • Conclusion 00:30:00

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