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May 9, 2022


4 weeks

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4 weeks

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4 weeks


This training program is suitable for individuals with any background and the purpose of this training, deliver skills on how to run the day to day service in facilities. There are many titles for this Job commonly known as facilities assistant, building assistant, and estate assistant but all of the titles comes with similar set responsibilities.
Facilities management industry worth in billions around the world and demand for employment is growing high every day and skilled based labour demand will divert to Asia from UK, Europe, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Middle East, and North America.

Facilities assistant or building assistant is an important part of facilities operation around the world. Facilities assistant responsibilities are not limited. This is one of the most demanding position in European and most middle with a growing number of corporate sectors where professional practice within facilities and buildings are required.  This training program is perfect for individuals who wish to build their career within the soft industry and have healthier income. We have made this program easy for our learners.  Facilities assistant course will cover the following:

  • Customer services
  • Facilities assistant role within the organisation
  • Facilities Key elements
  • Health & Safety and facilities assistant role
  • Regular maintenance and repair
  • Project management

Training outcome:

  • Able to communicate professionally with people with different backgrounds, tune and culture
  • Able to help facilities users and visitors
  • Perform front desk duties
  • Manage people and crowed
  • Coordinates within facilities and buildings
  • Facilities inspection and proactive measures to ensure everything is fine
  • Implementation of health and safety on-site and taking control measures
  • Arranging contractors and managing small works
  • Managing projects arranged by senior management and reporting back

Who should do this course:

  1. Students with anyone background
  2. Individuals with any background
  3. Professionals with anyone background
  4. Office employee in administration
  5. Teachers
  6. Building employee
  7. Railway Station employee
  8. Hospital Administrative team
  9. Educational Settings

Employment Opportunities:

  • Bank buildings
  • School Buildings
  • College Buildings
  • Community centres
  • Buildings and its campuses
  • Hospitals Buildings and Facilities
  • Medical Units
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Leisure centre
  • Plazas
  • Railway Stations
  • HQs Buildings

Note: This course is on-demand for overseas and nationally. You can apply today and gain skills to start your new career in facilities management.

Course Curriculum

    • Customer Service 00:20:00
    • Facilities assistant role within organisation 00:45:00
    • Facilities Key elements 00:15:00
    • Health & Safety and Facilities Assistant Role 01:00:00
    • Regular Maintenance and Repair 00:50:00
    • Project Management 00:50:00
    • Plan and Act 00:10:00
    • What is Facilities Management 00:03:00
    • Facilities in Bloomberg London 00:03:00
    • School Infrastructure and facilities 00:10:00
    • Hospital Facilities Management 00:00:00
    • Facilities in University of Sheffield 00:00:00
    • Practical Experience 4 weeks
    • Office Safety Assessment & Reporting 28, 00:00
    • Facilities Management Case Study 03:00:00
    • FA Quiz 00:30:00
    • Career in Facilities Management 00:05:00
    • Interview Questions and Answers (Tips) 00:20:00

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