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October 17, 2022


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Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


This course covers the fundamental driving forces for transport—chemical gradients, electrical interactions, and fluid flow—as applied to the biology and biophysics of molecules, cells, and tissues.

Course Curriculum

  • Course introduction, overview, and objectives Unlimited
    • Introduction to random processes Unlimited
    • Diffusion as a random walk Unlimited
    • Constitutive equations for diffusion (Fick’s Laws) Unlimited
    • Examples of diffusion-reaction Unlimited
    • Case study: IGF-1 diffusion-reaction within tissues and cell seeded scaffolds Unlimited
    • E-fields and transport; Maxwell’s equations Unlimited
    • Define electrical potential; conservation of charge; Electro-quasistatics Unlimited
    • Laplacian solutions via Separation of Variables Unlimited
    • Electrochemical coupling Unlimited
    • Donnan equilibrium in tissues, gels, polyelectrolyte networks Unlimited
    • Charge group ionization & electro-diffusion-reaction in molecular networks Unlimited
    • Case study: Charged protein transport in charged tissues & gels Unlimited
    • Conservation of mass and momentum in fluids; convective solute transfer Unlimited
    • Viscous stress-strain rate relations; Navier–Stokes equations Unlimited
    • Low Reynolds number flows; Stokes equation; Scaling and dimensional analysis Unlimited
    • Newtonian, fully developed low Reynolds number flows Unlimited
    • Diffusion and convection; The Peclet number; Convection-diffusion-reaction and boundary layers Unlimited
    • Concentration boundary layers: Fully-developed flow and transport Unlimited
    • Capillary electroosmosis: Theory and experiments Unlimited
    • MEMs, microfluidics + electrokinetics, cells and hydrogels; (with guest lecture) Unlimited
    • Electrophoresis, chromatography and extracellular matrix biochemistry Unlimited
    • DLVO theory: Double layer repulsion and molecular interactions (proteins, DNA, GAGs) Unlimited
    • Porous media flows: Extracellular and intracellular Unlimited
    • Cell / molecular electrokinetics; review of term paper project Unlimited

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology