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April 8, 2022


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This course is suitable for anyone in a management or supervisory role.  Delegates should gain an understanding of the importance of managing fluctuations in people’s health and learn what to consider when assessing health needs.  The course also covers how to recognise a ‘well’ employee and how to help co-workers return to work after illness.  Delegates should also gain tools and techniques to improve health and wellbeing across their organisations.

Course Overview

The General Health and Safety course provide Individual with a better understanding of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, principals, systems and hurdles employees are faced with within the working environment. The objective is for all employees to adopt and encourage a healthy and safe ethos at work. The health and safety information on this course is designed for a person conducting a business or undertaking, managers and workers of small, medium and large-sized businesses as well as those training to enter the workplace.

Course Aim

  • To give attendees an understanding of the importance of health management and the key health needs of the organisation
  • To explain the types of health hazards and how to assess, control and monitor the associated risks
  • To give an understanding of the types of personal or health conditions that affect fitness for work and how to assess and manage their impact
  • To explore what wellbeing is, how it adds value to the organisation and how to promote healthy lifestyles and positive mental health to enable a healthy workplace culture

Course Content

Course Curriculum

    • Work Health and Safety Laws 00:30:00
    • Rights and Responsibilities 08:00:00
    • Risk Management 03:00:00
    • Record Keeping 00:40:00
    • Personal Protective Equipment 01:30:00
    • Worker Representation and Consultation 02:00:00
    • Issue Resolution 00:10:00
    • Role of Work Health and Safety Inspectors 01:30:00
    • Safety Signs 01:20:00
    • Electrical Equipment 01:00:00
    • Thermal Comfort 08:00:00
    • Accidents, Incidents, First aid and Emergency Preparedness 06:00:00
    • Safety Inspections 02:00:00
    • Working Alone 00:20:00
    • Smoking in the Workplace 01:30:00
    • Fire Safety Assessment Forms 4 weeks
    • General Health and Safety Assessment 4 weeks
    • Office Safety Assessment 00:00:00
    • Safety Questions 01:15:00

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