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December 15, 2022


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Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


This course discusses the principles of genetics with application to the study of biological function at the level of molecules, cells, and multicellular organisms, including humans

The topics include: structure and function of genes, chromosomes and genomes, biological variation resulting from recombination, mutation, and selection, population genetics, use of genetic methods to analyze protein function, gene regulation and inherited disease.

Course Curriculum

  • Physical Structure of the Gene Unlimited
  • The Complementation Test and Gene Function Unlimited
  • Mendelian Genetics Unlimited
  • Probability and Pedigrees Unlimited
  • Chromosomes and Sex Linkage Unlimited
  • Recombination and Genetic Maps Unlimited
  • Three-factor Crosses Unlimited
  • Tetrad Analysis Unlimited
  • Phage Genetics Unlimited
  • Gene Structure and DNA Analysis Unlimited
  • Mutations and Suppressors Unlimited
  • Bacterial Genetics: Transposition Unlimited
  • Bacterial Genetics: Transduction Unlimited
  • Complementation in Bacteria: Plasmids Unlimited
  • Complementation in Bacteria: Recombinant DNA Unlimited
  • Prokaryotic Regulation: Negative Control Unlimited
  • Prokaryotic Regulation: Positive Control Unlimited
  • Prokaryotic Regulation: Regulatory Circuits Unlimited
  • Eukaryotic Genes and Genomes I Unlimited
  • Eukaryotic Genes and Genomes II Unlimited
  • Eukaryotic Genes and Genomes III Unlimited
  • Eukaryotic Genes and Genomes IV Unlimited
  • Transgenes and Gene Targeting in Mice I Unlimited
  • Transgenes and Gene Targeting in Mice II Unlimited
  • Population Genetics: Hardy-Weinberg Unlimited
  • Population Genetics: Mutation and Selection Unlimited
  • Population Genetics: Inbreeding Unlimited
  • Human Polymorphisms Unlimited
  • Statistical Evaluation of Linkage I Unlimited
  • Statistical Evaluation of Linkage II Unlimited
  • Complex Traits Unlimited
  • Chromosome Anomalies I Unlimited
  • Chromosome Anomalies II Unlimited
  • Genetics of Cancer I Unlimited
  • Genetics of Cancer II Unlimited

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