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October 15, 2022


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Unlimited Duration


This class introduces scientific, economic, and ecological issues underlying the threat of global climate change, and the institutions engaged in negotiating an international response.

It also develops an integrated approach to analysis of climate change processes, and assessment of proposed policy measures, drawing on research and model development within the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction and overview Unlimited
  • Institutions I: political and analytical organizations Unlimited
  • Review of the mathematics of climate analysis Unlimited
  • Climate I: past climate, and gases, aerosols and radiation Unlimited
  • Economics primer Unlimited
  • Climate II: dynamics of the atmosphere and oceans Unlimited
  • Economics of the global commons Unlimited
  • Economics I: economic growth, technology and greenhouse gas emissions Unlimited
  • Institutions II: the international climate negotiations Unlimited
  • Economics II: the economics of greenhouse gas emissions control Unlimited
  • Climate III: interaction of atmosphere, oceans and biosphere Unlimited
  • Analysis of the benefits of greenhouse gas mitigation Unlimited
  • Economics III: climate policy analysis Unlimited
  • Emissions trading and tax systems Unlimited
  • Climate machine IV: regional impacts of climate change Unlimited
  • Review of methods of uncertainty analysis Unlimited
  • Integrated assessment I: sensitivity and uncertainty analysis Unlimited
  • Sea level rise and adaptation Unlimited
  • Methods for decision under uncertainty Unlimited
  • Climate V: unresolved problems in climate analysis Unlimited

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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