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March 8, 2023


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Grooft B2B is a marketplace with one aim to represent and represent high quality goods and items to our customers.

Monarch Pantra Limited which owns Grooft Shopping and Grooft business a UK-based marketplaces to provide access to businesses from all walk of life to create online wholesale stores to sell the items globally.  We aim to verify all accounts and make sure the highest standards and quality goods are deliver to buyers from sellers. Our team of managers are required to fully understand our platforms inside out and also possess the skills to create an opportunity for all business.

In this training program we are expected to learn the following:

1. What is Grooft Business

2. What do we require from marketing and sales managers and what do we offer them

3. How to create grooft B2B account/ Merchant account

- How to do online application and fee

- How to create an online store and design the store page

- How to make a profile of the store

- How to list the item and attached pictures and videos

- How to write items and good descriptions

- How to set delivery charges globally

- How to edit listing

- How to edit the store profile

- Product review

4. Who are the clients and where to approach them

5. Who are the buyers and graft approach them

6. How to create opportunities for potential clients through excellent skills and knowledge

7. What marketing opportunities are being offered to the potential clients

8. Promotion of items and goods globally

9. Prohibited items and goods globally

10. Understanding EC standards for goods and items

11. Global Standards goods and items

12. Marketing and Sales is target based profession

13. Conclusion

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