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October 17, 2022


Unlimited Duration


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Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


This course integrates studies of engineering sciences, reactor physics and safety assessment into nuclear power plant design.

Topics include materials issues in plant design and operations, aspects of thermal design, fuel depletion and fission-product poisoning, and temperature effects on reactivity, safety considerations in regulations and operations, such as the evolution of the regulatory process, the concept of defense in depth, General Design Criteria, accident analysis, probabilistic risk assessment, and risk-informed regulations.

Course Curriculum

  • Nuclear Energy System Strategies Unlimited
  • Design Goals and Interrelationship of Core Design Parameters Unlimited
  • Thermal Hydraulic Design Requirements – LWR Steady State and Transient Design Unlimited
  • Thermal Hydraulic in Safety Analysis Unlimited
  • Reactor Physics – Design Parameters for PWRs Unlimited
  • Design Requirements – Safety and Critical Safety Functions Unlimited
  • Reactor Safety: The Emergence of Probabilistic Risk Assessment Unlimited
  • Reactor Physics – Design Parameters for GFRs Unlimited
  • PRA Methodology Overview Unlimited
  • Probabilistic Calculations – I Unlimited
  • Probabilistic Calculations – II Unlimited
  • Risk-Informed Changes to the Licensing Basis – I Unlimited
  • Applying Safety Regulations to Plant Operations Unlimited
  • Risk-Informed Changes to the Licensing Basis – II Unlimited
  • Large Break LOCA Analysis/Result Unlimited
  • Plant Economic Evaluation Unlimited
  • Plant Economic Evaluation (cont.) Unlimited
  • Materials Selection Process Unlimited
  • Radiation Damage Effects and Their Design Implications Unlimited
  • Environmental Degradation and its Design Implications Unlimited
  • GFR Materials Applications Unlimited
  • Risk Informed Design Guidance for Gen IV Reactors Unlimited

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