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3.021J Introduction to Modeling and Simulation (Spring 2012, MIT OCW). Instructors: Prof. Markus Buehler and Prof. Jeffrey Grossman.

This subject provides an introduction to modeling and simulation, covering continuum methods, atomistic and molecular simulation, and quantum mechanics. Hands-on training is provided in the fundamentals and applications of these methods to key engineering problems. The lectures provide exposure to areas of application based on the scientific exploitation of the power of computation. We use web based applets for simulations, thus extensive programming skills are not required. (from ocw.mit.edu)

Course Curriculum

  • Lecture 00 – Introduction to Part II:Quantum Mechanical Methods Unlimited
  • Lecture 01 – It’s a Quantum World: The Theory of Quantum Mechanics Unlimited
  • Lecture 02 – Practice Makes Perfect Unlimited
  • Lecture 03 – From Many-body to Single-particle: Quantum Modeling of Molecules Unlimited
  • Lecture 04 – Application of QM Modeling: Solar Thermal Fuels (I) Unlimited
  • Lecture 05 – Application of QM Modeling: Solar Thermal Fuels (II) Unlimited
  • Lecture 06 – Hydrogen Storage, and Atoms to Molecules Unlimited
  • Lecture 07 – Quantum Modeling of Solids: Basic Properties Unlimited
  • Lecture 08 – Advance Properties of Materials: What Else can We Do? Unlimited
  • Lecture 09 – Some Review and Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics Unlimited
  • Lecture 10 – Solar Photovoltaics Unlimited

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