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September 26, 2022


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This class assesses current and potential future energy systems, covering resources, extraction, conversion, and end-use technologies, with emphasis on meeting regional and global energy needs in the 21st century in a sustainable manner.

Instructors and guest lecturers will examine various renewable and conventional energy production technologies, energy end-use practices and alternatives, and consumption practices in different countries. Students will learn a quantitative framework to aid in evaluation and analysis of energy technology system proposals in the context of engineering, political, social, economic, and environmental goals. Students taking the graduate version, Sustainable Energy, complete additional assignments.

Course Curriculum

    • Overview and administration Unlimited
    • Energy uses in different countries Unlimited
    • Overview of energy use and related issues Unlimited
    • “Climate Change: Science, Economics, and Policy.” Unlimited
    • Toolbox 1: Energy transfer and conversion methods Unlimited
    • Drake, Elisabeth. “Energy and Sustainability Issues.” 10.391J, January 2007. Unlimited
    • Recitation 1: Discussion of sustainability issues Unlimited
    • Toolbox 2: Resource evaluation and depletion analyses Unlimited
    • Toolbox 3: Energy conversion, transmission, and storage Unlimited
    • Wind Power Fundamentals Unlimited
    • Toolbox 4: Systems analysis methodologies Unlimited
    • Toolbox 5: Energy supply, demand, and storage planning Unlimited
    • Changes in the Electric Power Sector Unlimited
    • New Challenges and Opportunities for the Electric Grid Unlimited
    • Toolbox 6: Electrical systems dynamics Unlimited
    • Toolbox 7: Economic feasibility assessment methods Unlimited
    • Toolbox 8: Thermodynamics and efficiency calculations Unlimited
    • International Climate Change Policy Unlimited
    • Nuclear energy I: Basics and current status Unlimited
    • Fossil energy I Unlimited
    • The Dominant Piece of the Energy System: Fossil Fuels Unlimited
    • Current energy policy Unlimited
    • Transport Issues and the Environment in Latin America Unlimited
    • Fossil energy III Unlimited
    • Nuclear energy II: Waste disposal and Yucca Mountain Unlimited
    • Nuclear energy III: Expansion of civilian nuclear power and proliferation Unlimited
    • Fusion as a future energy source? Unlimited
    • Recitation 2: Carbon limitation options / critique Unlimited
    • Biomass I: Resources and uses Unlimited
    • Biomass II: Producing liquid fuels Unlimited
    • Automotive Technologies and Fuel Economy Policy Unlimited
    • Lifecycle analysis of biomass conversion Unlimited
    • Systems Dynamics & Sustainable Energy Unlimited
    • Electrochemical Approaches to Electrical Energy Storage Unlimited
    • The Energy Crisis: A Neglected Solution Unlimited
    • Toolbox 9: Probabilistic risk analysis Unlimited
    • Recitation 3: Current energy policy / critique Unlimited
    • Hydropower Unlimited
    • Sustainable Energy: Options for Africa. Unlimited

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