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December 2, 2022


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Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


6.101 is an introductory experimental laboratory that explores the design, construction, and debugging of analog electronic circuits.

Lectures and six laboratory projects investigate the performance characteristics of diodes, transistors, JFETs, and op-amps, including the construction of a small audio amplifier and preamplifier. Seven weeks are devoted to the design and implementation, and written and oral presentation of a project in an environment similar to that of engineering design teams in industry. The course provides opportunity to simulate real-world problems and solutions that involve trade offs and the use of engineering judgment. Engineers from local analog engineering companies come to campus to help students with their design projects

Course Curriculum

  • 555 states Unlimited
  • Adjusting the step-zero on the 575 curve Unlimited
  • The decibel unit of measurement Unlimited
  • Differentiator/Integrator insights Unlimited
  • Diode chart Unlimited
  • Feedback Unlimited
  • High-frequency cutoff calculations Unlimited
  • High-pass filter basics Unlimited
  • Ideal op-amp assumptions and reality Unlimited
  • Impedance/Admittance notation Unlimited
  • Inverting amplifier gain derivation Unlimited
  • JFET amplifier configurations Unlimited
  • Low-pass filter basics Unlimited
  • Maximum power transfer in a circuit Unlimited
  • Non-inverting amplifier gain analysis Unlimited
  • Non-inverting amplifier gain derivation Unlimited
  • Regulated DC power supply Unlimited
  • Inverting amplifier offset due to bias current Unlimited
  • Ripple voltage calculation Unlimited
  • Feedback (The golden rules of op-amps) Unlimited
  • Transformer derivation Unlimited
  • Transistor amplifier configurations Unlimited
  • Transistor bias stability as a function of βF variations Unlimited
  • Voltage-controlled current source Unlimited
  • Low frequency hybrid-π equation chart Unlimited

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