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The MIT Biology Department core courses, 7.012, 7.013, and 7.014, all cover the same core material, which includes the fundamental principles of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology.

Biological function at the molecular level is particularly emphasized and covers the structure and regulation of genes, as well as, the structure and synthesis of proteins, how these molecules are integrated into cells, and how these cells are integrated into multicellular systems and organisms. In addition, each version of the subject has its own distinctive material.

7.014 focuses on the application of these fundamental principles, toward an understanding of microorganisms as geochemical agents responsible for the evolution and renewal of the biosphere and of their role in human health and disease.


The study materials, problem sets, and quiz materials used during Spring 2005 for 7.014 include contributions from past instructors, teaching assistants, and other members of the MIT Biology Department affiliated with course 7.014. Since the following works have evolved over a period of many years, no single source can be attributed.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction Unlimited
  • Biochemistry I Unlimited
  • Biochemistry II Unlimited
  • Biochemistry III Unlimited
  • Biochemistry IV Unlimited
  • Biochemistry V Unlimited
  • Biochemistry VI Unlimited
  • Biochemistry VI (cont.) – DNA as Genetic Material Unlimited
  • Molecular Biology I Unlimited
  • Molecular Biology II – Process of Science Unlimited
  • Molecular Biology III Unlimited
  • Molecular Biology IV Unlimited
  • Molecular Biology IV (cont.) – Gene Regulation I Unlimited
  • Gene Regulation II Unlimited
  • Bacterial Genetics Unlimited
  • The Biosphere Unlimited
  • Carbon and Energy Metabolism Unlimited
  • Productivity and Food Webs Unlimited
  • Regulation of Productivity Unlimited
  • Limiting Factors and Biogeochemical Cycles Unlimited
  • Mendelian Genetics Unlimited
  • Mitosis and Meiosis Unlimited
  • Diploid Genetics Unlimited
  • Recombinant DNA I Unlimited
  • Recombinant DNA II Unlimited
  • Recombinant DNA III Unlimited
  • Recombinant DNA III (cont.) – Immunology I Unlimited
  • Immunology II Unlimited
  • Population Growth I Unlimited
  • Population Growth II Unlimited
  • Population Genetics and Evolution Unlimited
  • Molecular Evolution Unlimited
  • Communities I Unlimited
  • Communities II Unlimited

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